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Valentine's Day 2/14 Pre-Order

Pickup 2/14
Buellton or Santa Barbara


- Chocolate Lover (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream)

- Red Velvet (red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, chocolate buttercream)

6 cupcakes - $18

12 cupcakes - $30

Cake Truffles 

- Chocolate Bomb (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, brownie crumbs

- Red Velvet (red velvet, cream cheese filling, white chocolate, brownie crumbs)

- Strawberry (vanilla cake, strawberry jam, white chocolate, strawberry crumb)

6 pack - $14

Chocolate Angel Pie

- Meringue pie crust with a whipped chocolate filling 

GF friendly (not certified gluten free)

5" pie - $15

9" pie - $35

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