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Father's Day

Father's Day: News & Updates

Father's Day Cakes, Cupcakes, and Pies

Pickup 6/17
Buellton or Santa Barbara

Cake Variety Available

- Butterfinger (chocolate cake, peanut butter caramel filling/topping, crushed butterfingers, and chocolate buttercream)

6 pack cupcakes - $18

12 pack cupcakes - $30

4" cake (2-4 servings) - $25

6" cake (6-12 servings) - $60

8" cake (10-20 servings) - $80

All cakes will be 3-layers and baker's choice for the specific design (unless otherwise requested).

Each cake is made to order and is unique to each customer.

(see the order form for additional design add on options)

Pie Variety Available

- Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie 

5" pie (2-3 servings) - $15

9" pie (6-8 servings) - $35

Father's Day Cookies

Pickup 6/16 and 6/17
Buellton or Santa Barbara


- Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip

- Iced Oatmeal

- Turtle Thumbprints

Small Cookie Box - Contains 12 cookies ($25)

Large Cookie Box - Contains 24 cookies ($40)

Family Cookie Box - Contains 36 cookies ($60)

Father's Day: Pro Gallery

All the details!

Where will the pickup locations be?

Santa Barbara pickup location - Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office (4434 Calle Real)
Buellton pickup location - Rancho de Maria

What will the pickup time frames be?

We will send out the final pickup timeframes the week of pickup, but the tentative timeframes are 


Friday 10am-11am, or 5pm-6pm

Saturday 9am-10am, or 5pm-6pm

Santa Barbara

Saturday TDB

When is the last day I can order?

Orders will close on Wednesday 6/14 or when sold out. We do ask that you place your order sooner rather than later so that you don't miss out, and so that we can plan accordingly!

Can I order other items for Father's Day?

Unfortunately we cannot accept custom orders for Father's day weekend. We have thoughtfully created a selection that every father is sure to enjoy, and cannot take on any additional orders.

What if I want cookies, cakes, and pie?

If you are going big this father's day you can either fill out each form individually, or shoot us an email at with what products you would like and what quantity.

Have more questions?

Feel free to email us at
or text us at (805)696-2249

Father's Day: FAQ
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