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Easter Cake Pre-Order

Cake Varieties Available

- Carrot Cake with a Cream Cheese Frosting, topped with Toasted Walnuts

- Chocolate Coconut Cake with a Coconut Buttercream, topped with Toasted Coconut and Cadbury Eggs

6 pack cupcakes - $18

12 pack cupcakes - $30

4" cake (2-4 servings) - $25

6" cake (6-8 servings) - $55

8" cake (10-15 servings) - $70

All cakes with be 3-layers and unless otherwise specified + baker's choice for the specific design.

Each cake is made to order and is unique to each customer.

(see below for additional design add on options)

Cake Truffles 

- Lemon (lemon cake, white chocolate coating, covered in shortbread crumbs) 

- Chocolate Coconut (chocolate coconut cake, chocolate coating, and coconut crumb)

6 pack - $14

Pickup 4/8

Buellton or Santa Barbara

Please select what size of cake you would like to purchase. (See above for descriptions)
What types of flavor varieties would you like? (select one or more)
Cake Decoration Specifications - Please select any special cake design requests (if you leave this blank, it will be baker's choice)
Pickup Location
Easter Cakes: Price Quote
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