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Easter Cookie and Cake Truffle Pre-Order


- Lemon Crinkle

- Cadbury Chocolate Chip

- Apricot Cream Cheese Thumbprints

- Coconut Bunny Tails

Small Cookie Box - Contains 12 cookies ($25)

Large Cookie Box - Contains 24 cookies ($40)

Family Cookie Box - Contains 36 cookies ($60)

Cake Truffles 

- Lemon (lemon cake, white chocolate coating, covered in shortbread crumbs) 

- Chocolate Coconut (chocolate coconut cake, chocolate coating, and coconut crumb)

6 pack - $14

Pickup 4/6 

Buellton or Santa Barbara

Please select what size of box you would like to purchase. (See above for descriptions)
What types of products would you like in your box (select one or more)
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